Peter J. Gaczi, Ph.D.
Dresden, Maine
(207) 737-4488

Born: 32 / 52 / 72
      U.S. Citizen





Gaczi Consulting Software Developer
Consulting Scientist
San Francisco
State University
Adjunct Professor
of Physics
Varian Associates
Palo Alto, CA
Sr. Research Engr. 6/86-7/89
Varian Associates
Palo Alto, CA
Research Engineer 12/80-6/86
Chicago State University
Chicago, IL
Instructor of Physical





University of Chicago Ph.D. Physics 12/81
University of Chicago M.S. Physics 8/73
SUNY at Stony Brook B.S. Physics 6/70
Port Richmond H.S., NY H.S. Diploma 6/66

        "Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Metal Silicide"
        Inventor: Peter J. Gaczi      U.S. Patent No. 4,766,006
        Assignee: Varian Associates   August 23, 1988


"Identification of Reaction Products in the Low Pressure Chemical Vapor
Deposition of Molybdenum Silicide"
P.J.Gaczi and G.J.Reynolds
J.Electrochem.Soc. 136, 2661 (1989)

"Selective Titanium Disilicide by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition"
G.J.Reynolds, C.B.Cooper III and P.J.Gaczi
J.Appl.Phys. 65,212 (1989)

"MoSix LPCVD from MoF6 and SiH4 at 120-350C"
Proc. Symp. Multilevel Metallization, Interconnection, and Contact
Technologies, The Electrochemical Society Vol.87-4, p.32 (1987)

"As and S Centred Paramagnetic Species in Sulphide Glasses"
Phil. Mag. B45, 241 (1982)

"Identification of Photo-induced Paramagnetic Centers in
As43S57 Glass by Electron Spin Resonance"
P.J.Gaczi and H.Fritzsche
Solid State Comm.8, 23 (1981)

"ESR in CVD Silicon and Silicon-Carbon Alloys"
P.J.Gaczi and D.C.Booth
Solar Energy Mater. 4, 279 (1981)

"Plasma-deposited Hydrogenated Chalcogenide Glasses"
H.Fritzsche, V.Smid, H.Ugur and P.J.Gaczi,
Proc. 9th Int'l Conf. Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors,
Grenoble (1981)

"'Diamond-like'-fold Coordinated Amorphous Carbon"
N.Wada, P.J.Gaczi and S.A.Solin
J.Non-Cryst.Solids5/36, 543 (1980)

"Hydrogen Content and Density of Plasma-deposited Amorphous
H.Fritzsche, M.Tanielian, C.C.Tsai and P.J.Gaczi
J.Appl.Physics 50,366 (1979)

"The Effect of Electronegativity Difference on the Defect
Chemistry of Lone Pair Semiconductors"
H.Fritzsche, P.J.Gaczi and M.Kastner
Phil. Mag. B37, 593 (1978)

"Plasma Deposited Si-H and Si-B-H Films"
C.C.Tsai, H.Fritzsche, M.H.Tanielian, P.J.Gaczi, P.D.Persans and M.A.Vesaghi
Proc. 7th Int'l Conf. Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors, Edinburgh (1977)


Physics and inorganic chemistry
    physical properties of crystalline and amorphous materials
    general physics and chemistry
        electricity and magnetism
        familiar with many elements in the periodic table
        chemical bonding, molecular orbitals
    analytic techniques
        electron paramagnetic resonance
        quantitative analysis

Semiconductor processing and manufacture
    low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD)
    plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
    VLSI metallization and insulators
    gaseous reaction kinetics and flow
    plasma chemistry
    analytic techniques
        mass (RGA) spectroscopy
        scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
        infra-red (FTIR) and optical spectroscopy
        Rutherford backscattering
        Auger spectroscopy
    safety issues

    scientific programming, applied mathematics
    Windows Visual C++ software development
    Laser printers, PCL

Expert Witness & Legal Support
    assistance to counsel in science and technology
        explanation and focus
    patents: prior art, litigation and licensing support
    experience: AMD v. Intel, May - August 1991

Information Broker
    pre-Google searcher, since 1975
    physics, chemistry, engineering, electronics, patents

    scientific and technical writing and oral presentations
    college teaching and tutoring to non-science majors

Foreign Languages

Electronics and electrical (design and troubleshooting)
    discrete and integrated circuits
    analog, audio and AC power circuits
    RF and microwave circuits
    temperature measurement and control

Vacuum systems
    plumbing design and assembly
    computer control
    gas flow control
    pressure measurement and control
    liquid helium and nitrogen refrigeration

Design and fabrication
    properties of materials (metals, glasses, etc.)
    detail drawings for machine shop
    quartzware design for glass blowing