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  1. Moving Your GCFormer Account Records To A New Installation Of GCFormer

  2. GCFormer Networked version: workstation-to-server connectivity problems

  3. Windows 8 and 10, and servers that use UEFI to boot

      GCFormer Networked version: workstation-to-server connectivity problems

           GCFormer uses the RPC protocol to connect from your workstations
           to your server.

           RPC is an old and stable protocol, but it can get disrupted by
           firewall changes, and overnight updates from Microsoft.

           The firewalls (Windows' and Anti-virus') must allow RPC communication
           to the GCFBinService executable (see below).

           It may be necessary to use static IP addressing for your network,
           and NOT to use the Domain Name System (DNS); especially if you have
           a Peer-to-Peer network.

           GCFBinService uses the following RPC settings -

                RPC_PROTOCOL = TCP/IP (aka "ncacn_ip_tcp")
                RPC_PORT         = 2051   (aka "endpoint")

           and the executable is GCFBinService.exe, which must go through
           your firewall (including your Windows and Anti-virus firewall).

           The GCFBinService executable is found at

                C:\Program Files (x86)\GCFormer\Networked\GCFBinService.exe

           If you get a RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE error message, you can
           get more help here and here.

      Windows 8 and 10, and servers that use UEFI to boot

           For machines that use UEFI to boot,
           you will have to disable a feature named
           "Secure Boot" in order to print checks with GCFormer.

           You'll need to get into the BIOS setup screens that are
           available when your workstation boots up.

           If you google the manufacturer and model of your computer,
           and the words "disable Secure Boot", you should find
           instructions for disabling Secure Boot.

           People who want to use LINUX and Windows 8 on the same
           computer do this routinely nowadays.

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