How GCFormer Works

Normally, when you print a

check in QuickBooks ...

the check is incomplete.
QB Check

But with GCFormer ...
you go through the normal QuickBooks ...

Check Dialog #1
check printing steps ...
Check Dialog #2

and our verification dialog ...

Verification Dialog

and then ...
your whole check prints on blank check stock.
GC Check

How does it work?

GCFormer reads the account name from the check stubs ...

QB Stub
and finds the matching GCFormer Account Record ...

GCFormer Account Records Manager Dialog
to produce your completed check.
GC Check

Setting up GCFormer

You usually manage the Account Records beforehand,

by running the GCFormer application

GCFormer Shortcut

with the black "GC" shortcut on your desktop ...

and clicking on "Account Records" ...

GCFormer Application
and entering your checking account data,

GCFormer Account Records Manager Dialog

<  left arrow                 that shows up on your checks.                 right arrow  >

GC Check
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