Letterhead Software TM  
  for Law Firms and Businesses   Since 1989

Do you know why your current Word or WordPerfect letterhead
looks good on your monitor screen, but
fuzzy on paper?
  • Graphics designers don't know either, so they design for the screen.
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What We Do In General:
  • We provide solutions for letterhead, graphics, macros and printer languages (PCL).
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What We Do With Letterhead Software:
  • We take your current designs and adapt them to Word or WordPerfect,  or
  • We create new stationery designs.
Why You Should Ask Us to Compose a LHSW Package For You:
  • Your first attempts will look like first attempts.
  • Kerned and slightly bolded text looks better.
  • Integrating with Word and WordPerfect is tricky.
  • Making and deploying changes is a pain.
  • Your boss will save time, time, time ...
  • And it will look professional.
How to Get Started with LHSW:
  • Scan pieces or mock-ups of your stationery into a PDF document,  and
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       Please write VOID on your stationery before scanning.  All correspondence will be held
       in confidence or deleted.  We have been serving law firms and businesses for 19 years.

What You Get: Learn About GCFormer

     › Macros for inserting your stationery into Word or WordPerfect documents,  and
     › Software for editing and deploying your stationery - workstations and networks,
     › We insert letterhead into your template, and maintain it for you as a service.

LHSW Features:

Since you deliver your product on paper, make sure it looks good (see how). We can prepare stationery for your Business, University, School District, Town, City, State, Federal Agency, Law Firm, Acounting Firm, Consultancy, or Association; for one to hundreds of users on your network.

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Gaczi Consulting, (207) 737-4488        
Dresden, Maine


Letterhead Software Features:
  • Experienced letterhead graphic design
  • Manual kerning and "slight bolding" for professional appearance
  • You can modify:
    • Multiple letterheads
    • Multiple personalizations for letterheads
    • Multiple envelopes and labels
    • Footers and running continuation pages
  • Enhanced Metafiles (EMFs) are generated for Word
  • WPG graphics files are generated for WordPerfect
  • EMFs or WPGs can be linked or embedded into your documents
  • For standalone computers, laptops, and most networks
  • Rapid installation, easy training
  • Log files are generated to pinpoint problems
  • Telephone technical support and consultation


Advantages Over Word and WordPerfect Templates:
  • Get it right, the first time, when it looks better and more professional (see how)
  • Letterhead can be slightly bolded to stand out from text
  • Use fonts other than Word's and WordPerfect's "stock" fonts
  • Simplifies the whole process of editing and deploying your stationery
  • Easily handle stationery for new or departing attorneys or staff
  • Create and manage personalized letterhead, envelopes and labels
  • One set of artwork for Word and WordPerfect
  • User dialog includes switching, deleting and updating letterhead (that was previously inserted)
  • User dialog is created on-the-fly, determined by:
    • your existing stationery - letterheads, personalizations, envelopes, labels
    • your current doc's letterhead and personalization, and their date of insertion
  • Graphics can be linked for auto-updating (no obsolete letterhead or personalizations in old docs)
  • Graphics can be embedded for distributing docs outside the firm
  • Kerning is WYSIWYG for all fonts
  • Customizable fonts - special ampersands and other characters, faxable 6's and 9's on paper


Letterhead Software Pricing:

Value and price depend on your artwork, the fonts you need, and the number of offices, letterheads, 2nd pages, personalizations, envelopes, labels, footers, pleading pages and users you have.

Gaczi Consulting, (207) 737-4488        
Dresden, Maine