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Try to postpone updating to QuickBooks 2022 !!

QuickBooks 2022 went to 64-bit code,

which is NOT SUPPORTED by your current GCFormer

November 15, 2021

Good News - Temporary Fixups for 64-bit QB 2022 are available


Good News - here are the fixups for the -

Single Workstation Version, and the

Networked Version, where you

        typically have a few workstations with QuickBooks installed, and a
        file server with the GCFBinService and your QuickBooks company files.

If you have a Windows Terminal Services Version, let us know.

We would appreciate your feedback.

November 4, 2021

Good News - Log files are working, and QB 2022's recipe for checks is unchanged


Good News - Log Files are working, making debugging and
error reportage from customers easier.

And, the sequence of function calls to Windows that QuickBooks
uses to write a check to paper has an exact one-to-one correspondence
between 64-bit and the original 32-bit.
Minimal editing was required.

November 2, 2021

Good News - 64-bit GCFormer in 64-bit QuickBooks 2022, prints a check


Good News - at 2:50 PM today I was able to print a check
with 64-bit GCFormer in 64-bit QuickBooks 2022.

The new coding is held together with duct tape, but it works.

I expect to have a downloadable TEMPORARY FIX by
Friday 11/05/21 or Monday 11/08/21 for single workstations
and terminal servers.

The Networked version will follow in a day or two.


GCFormer has 10,000's of lines of code, in which at
least 1000 lines had to be inspected and modified
to work for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Migrating to 64-bit also broke the code that writes the
log files that we use to diagnose problems, and
migrating that code is not trivial, but needs to be done.

With better log files, I can proceed to test and stablize and
clean up the new 64-bit code.

October 16, 2021

We are working on it -> aiming for November 1st, 2021


QuickBooks needs to be able to access larger blocks of the RAM (live memory) that holds the data, that you are working with in QuickBooks.

Therefore they were forced to go from 32-bit software to 64-bit software, in which the data itself is only stored with 32-bits, but the addresses of the data are 64-bits long.

A similar thing happened in the 1990's with the 32-bit addrressing of 16-bit data.

Thanks for your patience,

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